The workplace can be a stressful place. We are frequently asked to do more with less, change seems to be the only constant, and we are expected to adjust, adapt, and carry on. That often means an increased workload, anxiety about when the next layoff is coming, or figuring out how to lead a team through turbulent times.

Consultants and freelancers are not immune. Uncertainty in the corporate world can mean reduced budgets or bringing work in-house, or putting projects on hold, while more layoffs mean more competition in the freelance market.

What You’ll Learn:
Drawing from elements of her Stress Less at Work program, Victoria Smith will share tips and tricks to manage stress in the workplace. She’ll touch on:

Dealing with overwhelm
Building resiliency through mindset
Self-care for busy people
Supporting your team through stressful times
Surviving layoffs

About Our Speaker:
Victoria Smith is a stress reduction coach, founder of Girl Tries Life podcast, and public speaker. Having contracted shingles twice before the age of 30, Victoria realized that she had a terrible relationship to stress and burnout. Victoria underwent her own journey to re-calibrate her relationship to stress, and years on, she is the founder of Stress Less Ladies. Victoria helps women (and men, too) to significantly reduce their stress so that they can better enjoy their daily lives.

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