CPRS is a great place to network and get involved in PR activities. As such we also offer memberships with no voting rights for those who would benefit from this dynamic group.

Associate Members

Associate Members are those¬†who are not devoting most of their work-for-pay time to the practice or teaching public relations can be considered as “associates” (these include suppliers of services to the field of public relations).

Student Members

Student Members are individuals who do not qualify for voting member status and who are enrolled full-time in a course of studies that would lead them to a career in public relations. Upon graduation from their course of study, student members may maintain their student membership status for a period of 12 months and are eligible to pay the student membership dues for that period of time.

Student members are admitted by the Calgary Society are aligned with the Calgary Society alone and are not part of the National Society.

Students are also eligible to join the Society as Associate Members to enjoy the increased benefits associated with this category (see above).

Retired Members

Retired Members are members who have retired from active work in the field and meet the pre-requisites for this category. The applicant must have been a member for a total period of not less than 10 full years, of which not less than five years have been at a Voting Member status, and has retired from full-time employment in public relations.

Inactive Members

Inactive Members are members who have withdrawn from full-time employment in the practice of public relations.