Leading the way for CPRS Calgary is the elected Board of Directors. They are a valuable resource for answers to questions, and are always open to input and feedback from industry members.

CPRS Board Executive

Portfolio Director Email
President Gordon Hawker, APR president@cprscalgary.com
Treasurer Josh Smith treasurer@cprscalgary.com
Secretary Laura Worsley-Brown, APR secretary@cprscalgary.com
Past President Shawn Davis, APR pastpresident@cprscalgary.com

CPRS Board Directors

Portfolio Director Email
Accreditation Kimberlee Jones, APR accreditation@cprscalgary.com
Events Lisa Rushka, APR events@cprscalgary.com
Communications Suzanne Polyak, ABC communications@cprscalgary.com
  – Website Coordinator website@cprscalgary.com
 – Career Postings careers@cprscalgary.com
Volunteers Danielle Alfaro volunteers@cprscalgary.com
Membership Danielle Alfaro membership@cprscalgary.com
Program & Professional
Lisa Rushka, APR pd@cprscalgary.com
Sponsorship Gina Teel, APR sponsorship@cprscalgary.com

Student Committee

Program Name Email
MRU PR  Program Katelyn Marchyshyn education@cprscalgary.com

Bookkeeping Inquiries

Name Phone Email
Archer Accounting (403) 874-5505 bdl@archeracct.ca

Mailing Address

CPRS Calgary
P.O. Box 2081, Station M, Calgary, AB  T2P 2M4