Indy Events

In an effort to reach out to a sizable, yet unique portion of our membership, CPRS Calgary has designed a number of "Indy-only" learning and networking events. These events are tailored to meet the needs of the independent consultants in our midst.

After conducting a survey of the Indy Group members, CPRS Calgary learned that Independents are interested in professional development events that:

  • are located outside the downtown core
  • are efficient and timely in their subject matter
  • provide a multi-tasking approach to a session where many things are covered in one session.

So CPRS Calgary Indy events are structured to give members the opportunity to learn something new while networking with their consultant colleagues, while having the opportunity to share and learn from each other, while touring a potential venue for a client event, while addressing the everyday challenges of offering premiere consulting services with limited time and resources – and the list goes on!

Please note that CPRS Indy Events are for CPRS members only unless otherwise indicated. Check out our membership section for all the benefits of CPRS membership.

Indy Events

There are no events pending.