Calgary Legacy Scholarship

CPRS Calgary is committed to helping and supporting students who are just starting to pave their career path in public relations.

The Scholarship

The $1,000 Scholarship is awarded annually to a student studying public relations/communications in a recognized program at one of Mount Royal University, University of Calgary or SAIT Polytechnic. In addition, the winner will receive complementary CPRS membership for year three of his/her study, complementary one-year bridge/affiliate membership upon completion of study, and complementary registration for one CPRS Calgary event.

One of our commitments for our 60th Anniversary is to add to the CPRS Calgary Legacy Scholarship fund so we can recognize our students for years to come. Please show your support for CPRS Calgary’s 60th Anniversary by contributing to the Calgary Legacy Scholarship and supporting public relations education in Calgary.

The Candidate

The Scholarship will be awarded to a student in his/her second year of undergraduate study in public relations/communications who has demonstrated an overall understanding of public relations and communications [theoretical and practical elements, values and principles].

All applicants will be required to submit a curriculum vitae, a completed application form, letter from their education institute that attests to eligibility and a two-page written submission on “Codes of ethics or professional standards talk about the practice of public relations being in the public interest.  What does that mean to you and why is it important?”

Calgary Legacy Scholarship Application 2019


Deadline is January 21, 2019 with the winner notified on or before March 1, 2019.

Scholarship Donations

The Communications + Public Relations Foundation is a pan-Canadian organization that unites business, government, academic leaders and public relations practitioners in the advancement of public relations education through scholarships (including the Calgary Legacy Scholarship) awards, lectures and funding of research initiatives that promote ethical practice and professionalism in public communications.

To keep this scholarship going into the next decade, we will need to ‘top up’ that base fund every year. That’s where members like you can make it happen… make it part of your own legacy to the future of your profession.

For the first time ever, your donation to the Communications + Public Relations Foundation can be specifically directed to funding a scholarship for PR students here in Calgary. You will receive a formal tax receipt for your donation. Thanks in advance for your contribution – whatever you can give is SO gratefully received!

To donate, please fill out the Donation Form and send it with your cheque made out to the Communications + Public Relations Foundation, 783 Annette Street, Toronto, ON M6S 2E4  Phone number is 416-239-7034 ext. 221.

Contact Information:

For more information please contact our CPRS Calgary Education Chair.