Mar 29, 2016

Top Benefits of Joining CPRS

The Top 3.5 Benefits of Joining CPRS

The end of March as Membership Month is fast approaching. So whether you are thinking about joining yourself or you need one last nudge to send that email encouraging friends and colleagues to sign up, here are the top four benefits of joining CPRS.

1) Networking

Networking is arguably the greatest benefit of joining CPRS. As Calgary is one of the largest chapters in Canada, you’ll have no problem finding other professionals with whom to connect. By coming out to chapter events, you will not only have the opportunity to chat with other members about their careers, but also market your own skills.

“I always encourage new CPRS members to come out to as many events as possible in order to built their networks,” said the Membership Chair of CPRS Calgary, Tammy Schwass. “If you’re looking to expand your career or learn about the profession, the best proponents of PR are the people at events.”

For novice practitioners, the ultimate networking tool is CPRS Calgary’s Mentorship Program. 
Running from September to June, the program pairs current students and recent graduates from public relations and communication programs with seasoned PR professionals. The mentors and their mentees meet throughout the winter and spring in one-on-one meetings and once or twice at meetings with the entire group of mentors and mentees. To learn more, contact this year’s Mentorship and Education Chair.

2) Professional development opportunities

Whether it’s a luncheon, a presentation, or the World PR Form taking place in May – CPRS offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities for you to take in over the year.

CPRS Calgary is holding its next event on the evening of April 27, 2016, where president of Cross Wise Communications, Glenna Cross will take attendees through an interactive presentation on Building Your Personal Brand – in person, on paper, and online. With appetizers and a cash bar available, there will be ample opportunity to network with fellow communications pros while learning how to make your skills stand out from the crowd.

In addition to in-person events, CPRS National’s online archive of webinars is another excellent learning opportunity. In fact, there is an upcoming webinar on April 19, 2016 on the topic of community engagement. Based on winning case studies, each webinar is available online and on demand, making it easy for you to scan through the online archive of videos and watch those that pique your interest.


3.5) Local and national volunteer opportunities

Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio in a certain area or collaborate with other PR practitioners, there are many opportunities to get involved locally and nationally.

 “You get out of CPRS what you put in,” added Schwass. “As we are a volunteer-run organization, we are always looking for people who want to get involved. There are many ways to develop your skills; volunteer on a committee, participate on the board of directors, mentor to a student, or write an article for the member newsletter. If you see an opportunity to fill a need, speak up!”


4) Lesser known benefits

There is a whole gamete of additional benefits when you join CPRS, both at the local and the national level. Here are a few worth highlighting!

 Member referral program - One lucrative benefit that comes to mind, because March is Membership Month after all, is the member referral program where current members receive a $100 credit for every new member they refer. The credit can be used toward national conference fees, events, accreditation and more!

 Membership directory - They often say it’s not what you know, but who you know. As a CPRS member, you gain access to the names and contact information of CPRS members across Canada. Have a public relations question? You can log on to the CPRS portal, search the directory and contact members for advice.

 While these are just a few of the lesser known advantages of joining CPRS, take a look at the Member Services page on the CPRS Calgary site to learn about the full range of benefits catering to members at every stage of their careers.

 With just a few days left of Membership Month, you can join online or contact CPRS about membership or get in touch with your Calgary Chapter Membership Chair, Tammy Schwass at