Message from the President - Sept. 2015

//Message from the President - Sept. 2015

It’s incredible to think that we’re already mid-way through September. Where did the summer go?
For the 2016/17 season, CPRS Calgary has a full slate of activities lined up, and I am looking forward to spending the next eight months making sure you feel that CPRS Calgary is providing value for your membership dollars. The event line-up kicks off on September 28thwith a social soiree, and thanks to Mona Gauvreau (long-time CPRS Calgary member and past President), we will be holding it at a new venue this year – the Gerry Thomas Gallery. I, myself, can’t wait to re-connect with many of you (and meet those of you I don’t know) as we kick off a great year. If you haven’t registered yet, please visit for details.
I also wanted to share with you a little bit about our recent Board Strategy Session, which was held on 
August 29th. During this session, we reviewed the three-year goals we set at last year’s strategy session and talked about what we need to do within our portfolios to continue moving them forward. Specifically, the goals (and some of the related strategies) are as follows:

   Increase member feedback and engagement
o   Enhance and consolidate the formal Communications we send out (including aligning with CPRS National’s editorial calendar)
o   Improve transparency of Board information for members
o   Establish sub-committees for each Board portfolio to a) minimize workload and b) involve more volunteers
  Build and maintain financial stability
o   Find annual and event sponsors for the year
o   Improve follow-up with, and conversion of, non-member event attendees
o   Evaluate event pricing to ensure it remains affordable, particularly in this economy, while covering costs
o   Utilize a standard event venue to leverage contract pricing
  Increase relevance to ALL levels of members
o   Hold a combination of lunch-n-learns, case studies and social events
- Look to our members first for event speakers
o  Find opportunities to ‘partner’ with our members, particularly senior members who have so much to offer 
  Ensure value for money
o   Enhance membership surveys to ensure we are getting more fulsome information (do we really understand what members want)
o   Provide increased opportunities for members to connect with each other, and with the Society, throughout the year
  Develop and sustain efficient and effective Board governance processes and procedures
o   Focus on succession planning for both the Board and the portfolios
o   Establish sub-committees to spread out the ‘ask’ of volunteers for each portfolio and enable us to offer more
o   Host ‘open’ Board meeting at least once per year to which all CPRS committee volunteers would be invited
Interestingly, a few themes emerged – particularly transparency and increased member touch-points – and you will see that a number of the strategies we identified bear these two themes in mind. None of our goals are what I would call ‘revolutionary’ – and I expect that many of you would identify the same things for us to focus on – but I think it is important to keep them top-of-mind and develop tactical operational plans that are relevant and keep moving the Society forward. Through the summer and since we met, each of our portfolios have been busy at work developing their annual plans, and I am confident that over the next few months you will begin seeing some of the related activities.
As we make our way through the 2016/17 program year, I hope to hear from you. Feel free to drop any one of us a line to volunteer to help out, share possible event ideas, submit content for our various communications materials, or simply to let us know how we’re doing.
I look forward to seeing you all on the 28th.

L. Shawn Davis, MBA, BA Comms, APR
2016/17 President
CPRS Calgary