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//Susan Francis Prize

The Susan Francis Prize is awarded annually by CPRS Calgary for the public relations student who completes a submission about a project that has or may contribute to making the world a better place.

The $1,000 Susan Francis Prize is awarded annually by CPRS (Calgary) through the Communications + Public Relations Foundation to a student studying public relations/communications in a recognized program in one of Mount Royal University, University of Calgary or SAIT Polytechnic. To qualify, the student must be in his/her final program year beginning September current year. Students submitting an application for the Prize will receive a complimentary student membership for their final year of study.


Entries for consideration by the jury will consist of a public relations/communications project proposal created to meet specific objectives. Topics for entries should be selected from issues that were important to Susan Francis in her career including gender equality, the environment, international development, political action, charity, and crisis communication (see Appendix A for more information). The student may draw from volunteer experience, or submit a proposal outside of routine classroom work that could be implemented to the benefit of a specific organization – the organization must be identified. The project should contribute to making the world a better place.

Entries can take the form of an essay, letter, journal, non-fiction writing or any other written form the student feels will best exhibit his or her entry to the judges.

No matter what form of entry the student chooses, writing must be clear and concise and the entry must demonstrate the understanding of strategy development, tactics, overall implementation of the project and how it would be evaluated, as well as his/her personal passion in meeting the communications goals. The use of the RACE formula is recommended as an appropriate means to fully explain the project and cover the areas listed above.

All submissions will be juried against stated criteria and scored for imagination, creativity, and professional understanding of the public relations process. There is no length requirement, though students should submit a proposal that meets the criteria above.

About Susan Francis

Susan Francis was educated at the University of Calgary and Carleton School of Journalism (Hons). She earned CPRS Accreditation in 1986. At various times in her career she was a member of CPRS Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. She dedicated her life and career to implementing programs of action for causes that she was passionate about. Established by the Francis family, the Susan Francis Prize is awarded in Susan's memory.


Applications should be sent electronically to CPRS Calgary through the Communications + Public Relations Foundation. A jury chair and three public relations professionals from Calgary will review all submissions and determine a winner by scoring submissions against pre-determined measures.

Susan Francis Application

Submission Timeline

Deadline is October 15 with the winner notified on or before December 1 each year and announced in our News section.